About Us


Opened in April 2008, Surfside Bagels specializes in hand-rolled bagels baked the old fashion way. Famous for its cheese bagels, Surfside is owned by New York City firemen Scott Edwards and Tim Keenan.  Located at 95-11 Rockaway Boulevard, Surfside Bagels provides commuters and surfers alike with their bagel and morning coffee.

Not from around here? Online ordering is now available! Simply contact us at surfsidebagels@gmail.com with your request and we’ll take it from there…



3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Kathleen Gurtowski

    Good luck with the reopening of your store. I plan to drive from Deer Park, New York tomorrow to taste your famous bagels. KG

  2. Bryan Denman

    Hi – I saw a short piece about your shop on MSNBC and was wondering if you offer shipping of your bagels outside of your local area. I lived in NJ for 16 years before moving back to Syracuse and miss great bagels.

    I hope all is well with your business.

    Thank You,
    Bryan Denman

    • Bryan:

      Thank you for your note! Yes, we can ship bagels to you. Please let us know what you would like and where to send them. Once I receive your address, I will have the staff call you directly to process payment.

      Thank you for watching and for your business!

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