The Rebuild

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On October 29th, 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the south shore of Long Island with tremendous force. The Rockaway Peninsula, our hometown, sustained devastating damage.  Our bagel shop and town was destroyed by a wrath of over 4′ of sea water…. YEAH… water levels reached 4 feet high in buildings all around us. The storm tore through the beaches and boardwalks just south of us, 1 block away. The entire store, including all of the refrigeration, bagel ovens, and deli equipment, was destroyed. All efforts by the owners Scott Edwards and Tim Keenan to secure enough funding to rebuild the store were in vain. Just as many home and business owners in the area, the damage sustained was too much to rebound by our own means.

However, through the enormous generosity of FrontStreet Facility Solutions, led by Chief Development Officer Joseph Scaretta, we were able to rebuild the store and re-open the doors in February, 2013. Joseph Scaretta and his team donated their money, time and services in an unbelievable display of social responsibility. The owners and employee’s of Surfside Bagels are forever grateful!

Check out these pictures showing Sandys’ wrath and the rebuild process:

Our grand reopening has been a long time in the making. We’ve since fully rebuilt and are now back open for business! Come check out the BEST bagel spot in town!

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